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Welcome to the Statiue Hall

welcome to the statiue hall where we members can send in bios about themselfs!

no bios yet but i am going to send a bio of my self soon.......

Here is Ripfangs Statiue!

Me 'ave a long history. Here Me go. Me used to be the best captain in the band o' Slagar the Cruel. We 'ad some good times. But when that crazy fox got in that mood of his, if you were in 'is way he'd slay you. Before thinking. That's what 'e did lots. Slayin' his own captains if they forget or don't understand orders. When all his captains were slain, e' would just make new Captains that would bite the dust as soon as they get promoted it seemed t' me. Me tried at all times to stay on 'is good side not to get 'im upset or me would be like some o'the previous beasts that served 'im in the past. Soon me knewed I better leave soon and train hard for me escape. I pushed myself secretly during the night readin' on 'ow t' escape, and make it a good escape so no beast will find yer tracks or smell yer. Soon right before dawn one night me hired two moles to dig a tunnel far away frm 'ere. Me paid them t' close up the 'ole after me was out. Me don't think the moles! finished the job, cause me was tracked down by Slagar's 'ordebeasts. The beasts made pitiful atempts t' try t' kill me, but me bein' the best fighter in Slagar's band, slayed 'em chip chop. I soon walked west aways to find a sea. When I first got there, several searats pointed spearpoints at me, sayin' join us or die. Me saw their single ship anchored on the shore. It's name was called Bloodwake. Me desided t' join. I then worked my way up to Captain. And I loved me ship dearly. One night when we sailed north, me set my eyes on a fire mountain, what was it called agin, Aye, me remember, Salamandastron. My crew of around 20 score, fought for it an' won it against some goodbeast by the name of Boar the Fighter. Once again, 'e was no match for Ripfang. But soon the glory stoped. Me yearned for the days of sespence. I wanted t' go adventuring again. Me left the high class royalty t' me loyal first mate. Me then went 'round Mossflower t' Fort Tyronia, where Me is ! nows. That be me life story.

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