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SO YOU DISOBEYD MY ORDERS HUH.....well i dont care, hwoever comes in here becouse you will not get any information. T.U.S.A. is Tyronian.Undercover.Secret.Agents. and dont think you can join like that. you have to be the most loyle soldiers to be a member. you will find out information on other clubs at the snap of my fingers, you will have to be in perfect shape, and you must be very smart. It is somthing to work for like club contest and Cyer Wars. T.U.S.A is the only Rank in Tyronia and if you are in it you will get to rise above normal soldiers. They only Transport information over Email so no other Redwall site's will find out. If were chose to be a T.U.S.A. ill Email you with all the supplies.

The T.U.S.A. board

this is the T.U.S.A. board where it shouws all the humble members of the T.U.S.A.s! remember! i can make a T.U.S.A. back to normal soldiers or i can turn normal soldiers into T.U.S.A.s evry month so work hard! this is the first group of T.U.S.A.s! :Scumfoot:Foxwolf:Slainfur: there you go...

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