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a tall skinny old ferret walks up to you with a very ould scroll and a pencil and says "so you wish to join a! well ya'll need this" he hands you the scroll and pencil and walk away it say's...."


1: Name:  
2: your species
If OTHER, please specify:

2: Age: 
3: Email: 
6: If you have a site what is it's URL:  
8:A short bio about you (unless you rejoining)

9:What squad do you want to join:
The Royle Squad run by Gandolf
The Saber Squad run by Scumfoot
The Attack Squad run by Slainfur
The Berserks squad run by Regglar Brokenblade
>Rushing Blood squad run by Ripfang
10:Do you promise you allways be loyle and helpfull: 

Good luck

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