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you see a very sighn that says "THE MEMBERS OF THIS HORD ARE..........."these are the members all together not separated in there squads. if you want to see who's in what squad go to the squad page"

The Members of this hord are

The Royle Squad: 1:Gandolf: leader: Male: weasle: 2:Nightfang Stalker The Assasin: Female: fox: 3:Blackstar: Female: weasle: 4: Darkclaw: Female: ferret: 5: Dagarr: Male: Black wolf: 6: Villenia: Female: Stoat: 7: Ublaz: male: Pine martin: 8: Hunter: male: wolf: 9: Mirtai the Tigress: female: tiger: 10: Barranca: male: stoat:

The Saber Squad: 1:Scumfoot: leader: Male: sea rat: 2:Romsca: Female: ferret: 3: Cela Steelfang: Female: wolf: 4: Darkclaw: Male: ferret: 5: Skullcrusher: Male: Snake: 6: Sakira: male: ferret:

The Attack Squad: 1: Slainfur: leader: Male: ferret: 2: Mattilily Stormriverspecies: Female: squirrle: 3: Red Coat: male: Fox: 4: Bluddeye the Butcher: male: weasle: 5: Slightsilk: female: fox: 6: Danson: male: fox: 7: Screelrag, the Cruel: male: weasle: 8: Overkill: male: wolf: 9: twoblade: male: fox: 10: Dewfang the Assassin: female: ferret

The Berserks squad: 1:Regglar Brokenblade: leader: Male: weasle 2:Ember: Female: bobcat:

Rushing Blood squad 1: Ripfang: leader: Male: sea rat: 2: Lohnathan Deathstrike: Male: pine martin: 3: Nightshade DeVixen: Female: wolf: 4: Redtooth: Male: wildcat: 5: Dark Fang The Deadly: Male: wolf: 6: Stingtooth: Male: sea rat:

7: Midge Manycoats: Male: pole cat: 8:ratbun: male: sea rat:

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