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The Mission Map!

look at the board of jobs and pick one that suits you best if its not takin allready...if that happens go on a pick another one

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Gandolf you hear a group of scouts have been moving around the Fort scouting out weak places to attack but it is 1:00 am and no other virman knows about this. you shake virman in your bunk but they wont get up and your door is locked untill 5:00 am. you notes an open window but be carefull! virman are not trusted this late! for all the guards know your sneaking out to play a gambling game out in the forest. Open make sure the scouts dont make it in home alive We realy dont need the attack
Gandolf you hear about the new FFIR and Gandolf sends you too go check it out. you are watching them when two sentries grab you by the wrists and through you in a dungeon. find away to excape (you could take somone important by and that would help you get out and we could get some cash for it....let alone get information from him/her) Open Get out alive could get some info and doe outa it.
Gandolf you are scouting a river trying to find the easyest way for our army to cross when you see too guosim shrews on your side of the river getting a drink of water. you have a choice too attack them (if your a good fighter) or to follow them back too their tents and mabey take some of their weapons and a few shrews for ransom or slaves (note! Guosim shrews care deeply for all their members Open follow or fight could get some cash or/and items
Gandolf you have a few virman with you and you see some very weakly armed woodlanders (in familys) and you think that this is an easy chance to get some slaves so you attack! Open Slaving Time be carefull that its not a trick
Gandolf you found a sick horde of gypsy foxes and you realy could use their weapons! you gather up your virman and atack the sick foxes. Open weapons be carefull you dont catch the virus yourself yourself!

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