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  Pokemon info page pik pika pikachu *starts hitting his translater* pika pik ahhhhhhhh there..sory, well welcome to my pokemon lab! i will provide information to you about any pokemon in the world, but most of all when you catch more then 6 pokemon your going to need a place to put them! i will take care of the pokemon that you are not holding with you, just email me telling me that your sending it too me and i will transeve it. dont worry, i will take very good care of your pokemon! i have food for just about every pokemon and an area where your pokemon can roam free in there habitat, it will make plenty of friends and ill show them a picture of you every day so they dont forget you. if you would like to trade one pokemon in for the other then email me with the pokemon your sending to me and the pokemon you want me to send you and i will email you back with your pokemon right away. good luck on cetching all 150 pokemon here at Pokemon Interactive!  
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I will tell you anything there is to know about the world of pokemon, all though i own both games for gameboy i dont know everything about the gameboy game pokemon, but if there is anything about any specific pokemon you would like me to tell you pleas feel free to email me